How to learn Russian language. Post with links to educational materials

1. Common motivation and mindset

For this purpose you can use the book «Habit to be happy.» It will show the place of foreign languages ​​in life and self-development, reveal the importance of habits, teach  to manage them and be highlyeffective  individual.

2. Strategy of learning foreign languages

Read book «How to study a foreign language (Russian as an example).» You will understand what mistakes you should not make and how properly and with pleasure you can learn any language. The book will give a general idea of ​​the proper studying of foreign languages and methodological advise​​.

3. Audio Course

It is especially important for beginners to pass audio course since it lays the foundation for your foreign language: vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, language comprehension.

  • The best program for today is Rosetta Stone (26 languages). It can be purchased on the official website or download from torrents (Programm + language packages)
  • I also can advise RussianPod101 — multilevel podcast on Russian for foreigners

4. Tutorial on grammar

Do not spread on a lot of courses and textbooks. Do not focus on grammar, as it is secondary. Most important: you need to do a memo on grammar, which is able to fit on A4, here is an example of such a tabel in English. Spend most of the time listening and pronouncing material.

5. Video

You should watch the video, educational serials. Even if you do not understand a foreign language, you need to watch and listen to native speakers and over time you will begin to understand speech (you will train your ears) and will copy the correct pronunciation. Sorry but I still haven’t made proper section on the website with this kind of vidios. For a while I advise you Soviet Union time cartoons and movies. They are still the best

6. Reading aloud and loudly

Reading indirectly helps to improve our spoken language. Here there is a cardinal rule: you should always read aloud and loudly. There is a technology to check your reading level. There is an article (google translated), but cutting to the chase you can use any program that recognise people’s speech.

7. Study plan

The about plan for every day is described in details in the book mentioned in point 2 of this article. There is an artice in Russian but it’s needed to be translated.

8. Communication with native speakers

When you have a sufficient knowledge of the language, it is necessary to practice the language. You can appeal to the professional tutor, but on the lessons you need most of part practicing (speaking). Also you can find a foreigner to communicate for free. The ditailed instruction is described in the book mentioned in point 2 of this article. There is an artice google translated.

9. Specialized course

To make the learning a foreign language easier you can take a course for beginners, such as «English for Beginners» that was made for my Russian students, where you will be given detailed instructions what material and where to get it and detailed instructions for the development of language + quality control system, consult a professional tutor and newsletters to the Course. I might make the same course for Russian language learners if it’s widely needed.

10. Tutor of Russian Language and other languages

If you want guaranteed to learn Russian language you can appeal to our kind servise.

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