Books by Alex Baihou

The Changer. This book is about the beginning of the way of a man who wanted to change the world. The novel is about love, hidden human abilities, and real changes in life. The book has been translated. Read ➡

Habit to be happy. This book is about habits, controlling which, we can change any of the processes in our lives and achieve everything, even such a goal as happiness. The book is being translated. Read ➡

Language detonator. The book is about how to study a foreign language. Why many people can not learn any language over the years, and how to do it in a short time with pleasure. The book is being translated. Read ➡

How to study foreign language. Book by Alex Baihou

How to study foreign language in a short time Alex Baihou

Book by Alex Baihou

Why many people can not learn the language over the years, and how to do it in a short time with pleasure. Based on the actual practice of students and teachers. Particular attention is paid to the psychology, motivation and the key moments of the effective methods.

The book is being translated from Russian into English.

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Baihou Project — Everybody can change

Алекс Байхоу

The shot from the cover of the book «The Changer»

My name is Alex Baihou. I’m a teacher and a writer. I’m into foreign languages and personal development. Through my books, I try to bring a feeling of change and love. It appeared that I’m Russian and all my Project is in the Russian language, but I translate the latest versions of books and my best experience into English.

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Books by Alex Baihou

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Russian for foreigners

Russian for foreigners

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  • Rooskee — Learn Russian language by practicing with the most frequently used Russian words and their forms with pronunciation of a native speaker. Link…


Audio Course

It is especially important for beginners to pass audio course since it builds the foundation language skills: vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, language comprehension.

  • The best program for today is Rosetta Stone (26 languages)
  • I also can advise RussianPod101 — multilevel podcast on Russian for foreigners