Сказка на английском языке. Rana and his Donkey

          Rana was a young boy who loved nature and admired all that was beautiful. He lived in a beautiful house, away from the town. He did all his work himself with the help of his donkey who was very faithful. Rana grew wheat and vegetables himself to live on. He cut and sewed his own clothes. He made his own shoes. He was very happy to live alone in his lonely place. Читать далее

Сказка на английском языке. The Little Good Mouse

            ONCE upon a time there lived a King and Queen who loved each other so much that they were never happy unless they were together. Day after day they went out hunting or fishing; night after night they went to balls or to the opera; they sang, and danced, and ate sugar-plums, and were the gayest of the gay, and all their subjects followed their example so that the kingdom was called the Joyous Land. Читать далее