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Русская версия страницы

If you need an interpreter from Russian into English and from English into Russian in Stavropol, Stavropol Area and the North Caucasus, then you have come to the right page.

My name is Alex, I can help you in your business negotiations, chaperone you to your destination and generally accompany you in solving your tasks in the North Caucasus region with maximum comfort for you.

I offer you not only translation from English into Russian and from Russian into English, I offer comprehensive human communication, attention to details of your activity and interest in positive result of your visitation Stavropol and its surroundings. It is very important that you feel confident and comfortable visiting the North Caucasus.

Most part of my life is connected with foreign languages, which for me are not just set of rules and direct words translation. For me it is a life philosophy, I believe that language is one of the many bridges that connect people, and this bridge is not always basic, but very important.

Each new meeting is crucial for each of the parties and it is important to evaluate not only the meanings of said words, but also context of conversation, mood of participants, ability to read between lines, to feel people you work with, to trust your intuition, to understand that behind each of the negotiators there is a life full of events and circumstances. In simple words, it is important to consider all factors and sides of meeting, even if they seem intangible and immeasurable in comparison with words.

Mostly I use English and translate from Russian into English and from English into Russian. I can also speak Greek and German. I have basic skills in Chinese. As for my professional skills in using foreign languages, although they are at a fairly high level, I see no limits in their development.

Foreign languages are also my favorite paid hobby, many people call it ‘work’. I worked as a translator of English, Greek and German; an interpreter of English language; as a teacher in language schools; a private tutor; as an import manager. For the last 4 years I have been working only as an interpriter, a private tutor and a webmaster of my own online educational projects.

If you need an interpreter in Stavropol, I will be realy happy to help you with everything that is in my competence. If work is supposed to have a trip all over the Stavropol Region, Krasnodar Region, Rostov Region, the republics of the North Caucasus, we can also come to agreement.

Get in touch, feel free to ask any questions, we will try to find common language;)

P.S. I also accept job offers for the FIFA Confederations Cup 2017 in Sochi and the FIFA World Cup 2018 in Sochi, Rostov and other 9 Russian cities.

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