Видео на английском с субтитрами 83. Digital Libraries Still Find a Place for Books

A computerized system can find books in seconds atCalifornia State University, Northridge. The Cal StateNorthridge library has more than 1,000,000 books and2,000,000 magazines and newspapers. The completelist of publications is digital. Students can use digitaldownloads in their studies. The library’s Mark Stoversays most academic journals are now availableelectronically.

MARK STOVER: “I would say that probably 90 percent ofthe journals that we subscribe to now come in electronicformat. With books and monographs on the other hand,it’s a little bit different story. “

The library is digitizing its paper holdings to save themand make them more available. They include handwrittenletters and old newspaper stories. Steve Kutay is theuniversity’s digital librarian.

STEVE KUTAY: “They can be backed up and they can bestored off-site. They can be very well-protected, but arenot necessarily meaningful to us if we don’t know 10, 20years from now, what those files, what is contained inthose files. “

Librarian Helen Heinrich says universities are makingsure that hard copies of books remain in storage, evenafter they are digitized.

HELEN HEINRICH: “As we know, we all are becoming sodependent on the Internet, but what if there is a cyberattack and it all goes down one day? So there is always,there will be a copy of record. “

MARK STOVER: “We are going to weed our collections.We are going to reshape them and use the space torepurpose into more learning places for our students. ButI think that print books, especially because of copyrightissues, are going to maintain their place for many yearsto come. “

I’m Steve Ember.

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