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I’m pleased to welcome you on my website! My name is Alex Baihou. I am a teacher, lifecouch and author of books and courses of foreign languages and self-development. I originally made this site for my students who study foreign languages, but eventually I got something more fundamental, Baihou Project.

Project mission is to help people to change their lives, to learn how to be happy, to avoid extremes, to find one’s favorite activity and to adopt it to real life, to develop multilaterally, to be free in one’s choice. Why? When you live among happy people you become much more happy.

Detailed information about me, principles and ideas of the project, and most importantly practical advice in self-development and learning foreign languages, I systematized in my books which you can download for free on the site.

This part of the website had been long time under constructon. Actually I decided not to translate everything manually into English considering the fact that the most part of information was originally from western websites. So I made up my mind to represent on this page my books and posts that will be usefull for you in learning Russian and self-development. In a case you want to check other parts of website, please use google-translated version.

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