Baihou Project – Everybody can change

My name is Alex Baihou. I’m a teacher and a writer. I’m into foreign languages and personal development. Through my books I try to bring feeling of changes and love.

It appeared that i’m Russian and all my Project is in Russian language, but I’ll translate the latest versions of books and best posts into English. Also my new books will be posted in English as well as in Russian.

Books by Alex Baihou

The Changer. The Changer is a fiction book about the beginning of the way of a man who wanted to change the world. The novel is about love, hidden human abilities and real changes in life.

Habit to be happy. This book is about habits, controlling which we can change any of the processes in our lives and to achieve everything, even such a goal as happiness.

Language detonator. The book is about how to study foreign language. Why many people can not learn any language over the years, and how to do it in a short time with pleasure. ➡

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